Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moving Update

Remember when I told you all I was moving? If not, you can read about it here.  This is a huge change for my family and I, and I was pretty open with my thoughts and feelings on everything. 
Just a quick rundown for those who might be new to here; for about eight months my family and I have been readying ourselves for a change we knew would come. My parents have traveled around and talked with many people trying to figure things out. On March 31st my parents came back home from visiting Carlsbad, New Mexico and told my sister and I that we would be moving there. 
From that time we've been hectic trying to figure out what exactly we'll be doing for a house or income down there. We're readying our house to be sold, but we've been left in the dark as to when we'll actually be leaving. This has been a huge test of faith for us all. 
Sunday evening my parents came to us with more news about the move. They said that they would like to be fully moved by the end of June. What? You guys, that's literally two months away. To have everything packed up and be moved. I'm terrified. 
But, truly, this has been an answer to our prayers. It's been so difficult on my parents trying to figure out the business they're trying to start up and find a house to live in when we're not actually down in Carlsbad. So, to be able to know that we need to be moved by that time, regardless of whether or not our house sells by then, is a blessing. It will be much easier to move forward with what we need to. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, it will be beneficial to me as well. I'll have the chance to get settled in to my new house and room, along with familiarizing myself with the town before I'll have to start my third semester of college. 
Right now I'm extremely stressed as my second semester ends May 8th, so I'm starting to work on all my finals. I've had no motivation this whole semester due to stressing over this move. So, I'm struggling quite a bit to keep up with everything. Also, at this time I'm trying to transfer my credits down to the college in Carlsbad, so I can continue my education once I move. That's extremely stressful as well, especially tacked on top of finals. 
As I stated in my original post, I'm using this move as a chance to reinvent myself, so to speak. I'm sure everyone can relate when I say that we all dream of being a different person at times. As a result of this move, I have the chance to change myself for the better and use this as a chance to become more of who I'd actually like to be. My parents are supporting me in the physical aspect, as they've allowed me to change up my hair and give me a budget for a new wardrobe. But, more importantly, I've grown in a lot of ways over the past year and would like to transfer that with my move as well. I'm hoping with my new look I'll be able to more easily leave behind the fears and anxiety I've gained while living in Iowa. I hope that made sense to you all, if not, oh well.
True Blue Abbi will also be undergoing a big change, as I've realized that I'm not the little bright eyed twelve year old that started this blog. Please be patient with me as I make this change. I've been sitting on this thought for about a year, and this move to Carlsbad was the push I needed to get started. I understand I may lose a lot of you in the process, but, as I said, I'd like to start fresh. So, in the end it will be better for me.  Thank you in advance for those of you who will stick it out with me until the end! I promise it will be worth it. I'll be sure to keep you all updated as I gain new information with this move and the change with my blog.

Friday, April 18, 2014

College Freshman Diaries - Week Thirty Three

We made it! It's Friday you guys; woo hoo! I'll be spending my weekend working on homework, most likely. Along with a bit of pleasure reading. What about you? Any fun plans?
In Typography One we just finished up our Helvetica Movie Posters. In HTML & CSS we're getting closer to the due date of our final project, which is a Multiple Paged Website for a business. In Comm. Design One our last project got assigned and it's a Newspaper Ad.  Intro. To Print Methods has involved a field trip to Raygun and a study guide for our Final Test. Lastly, in InDesign Two we're working on a Die Cut Bridal Trunk Show Invitation. 

PS - Feel free to thoroughly enjoy that Throwback Thursday I threw into this collage, aha.
PSS - A couple of highlights this week….way back when I created a font, Angst, and made a Specimen Book for it in Typography? It got graded and I got 100%! Also, my friend Nick picked me up some McDonalds fries when I was in the middle of class. They were delicious, and he's a sweetheart.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To - Decorate Your Dorm

Happy Hump Day! We've made it half-way through the week; it's been pretty rough for me. Today I'll be touching on How To Decorate Your Dorm! I know many of my readers are in the high school age range and with school letting out soon I thought this would be a great post to get you all thinking throughout the summer! Even if you're not headed off to college, these tips are still great for decorating your room. Everyone needs a little change sometime! 
1) Make the most of the small space you have. 
Dorm rooms are not big, so you need to make good use of every little space! Where your bed is positioned is crucial to the amount of space you have to work with, so if it needs rearranged, do this as soon as you get there so you can start decorating. Also try to find storage bins that double as extra seats, etc. for additional space savers!

2) Use colorful tape to brighten up walls. 
Most dorms don't allow paint, but you can use wall decals and colorful tape to create a geometric pattern on a door, frames around your photographs and posters, and more! This is a sure-fire way to bring your small space to life.

3) Create a cool photo collage. 
There are loads of services that offer cheap prints of Instagram photos, so print off some shots of you and your besties to arrange in a creative way on your wall! This adds an artistic touch and gives you a taste of home. Plus, you can always add new photos of your college adventures!