Friday, September 19, 2014

CSD - Week Three & Four

So, I'm very much aware that I promised you all a quicker update two weeks ago. But, life happens…does it not? I'm sure that with the passing of a few more weeks I'll get into a better routine and be able to make weekly updates. If not, oh well! As a reminder, here's my weekly schedule. 

Monday - Orientation In Art(11:30am-12:45pm)/Work(2pm-5pm)
Tuesday - Public Speaking(10am-11:15am)/Work(1:30pm-5pm)/Perspectives in Film(7pm-8:15pm)
Wednesday - Orientation In Art(11:30am-12:45pm)/No Work
Thursday - Public Speaking(10am-11:15am)/Work(1:30pm-5pm)/Perspectives in Film(7pm-8:15pm)
Friday - No Classes/Work(10am-5pm)

A few highlights from the past two weeks are: Still loving my pixie cut! I've gotten loads of compliments on it. In my Public Speaking class, on the three essays I've turned in so far and gotten graded, I got 95% on all of them! For work, I'm learning how to enter my third form of data. For all my classes in general, I'm getting more comfortable, speaking up, and making friends!
I'm actually not at work today; I called in saying I had schoolwork to get done. I'm happy for the break, as things have been quite stressful lately. Here's to a good weekend! 
snapshots of the past two weeks

Monday, September 8, 2014

CSD - Week One & Two

This is getting posted extremely late and I apologize! I've been busy and had issues with the Internet over the past couple of weeks. I can't believe I'm already into my third week of school! I'll be sure to update you all sooner for this next week. 

My schedule is as follows:

Monday - Orientation In Art(11:30am-12:45pm)/Work(2pm-5pm)
Tuesday - Public Speaking(10am-11:15am)/Work(1:30pm-5pm)/Perspectives in Film(7pm-8:15pm)
Wednesday - Orientation In Art(11:30am-12:45pm)/No Work
Thursday - Public Speaking(10am-11:15am)/Work(1:30pm-5pm)/Perspectives in Film(7pm-8:15pm)
Friday - No Classes/Work(10am-5pm)

I'm putting in nine credit hours this semester along with sixteen hours of work a week at an insurance agency! I'm staying busy. 
Some highlights from my life over that past two weeks are: I've got my pixie cut back, I'm getting the hang of the manual data entry at work, I love all of my classes, and I got the tapestries for my room hung up! Here's to another eventful week!
snapshots of the past two weeks