Thursday, August 21, 2014

CSD - Day One

Today I started my sophomore year of college, hence the title, CSD, standing for College Sophomore Diaries. I can't believe I'm already into my second year! NMSU is quite different than DMACC was. I've had a bit of trouble, actually every instance involving this college has been trouble, but, nonetheless I'm excited to be back in school! Sadly I'm only taking nine credit hours, equalling out to three classes. But, as these classes are writing intensive, and I have my part time job throughout the week, it might be good that I have a lighter load.
Today I had two of my three classes. Public Speaking, from 10am-11:15am and then my night class, Perspectives In Film, from 7pm-8:15pm. I was really nervous going back to school, especially with my not being familiar with this campus; there's only a total of about five buildings, I swear. So really, it ended up not being too bad! My Public Speaking professor is an older man with ADHD and a love for classic rock. He was wearing a Pink Floyd tie today and it cracked me up! My Perspectives In Film professor seems funny and kind. She told us to call her Dr. D!  I'm looking forward to her class, as it's dissecting, analyzing, and critiquing movies! 
Luckily I have no Friday classes, so I get a long weekend! Next week I'm thrust into school and work full force. I'll have a full week of classes and I start my new job, manual data entry at an insurance agency, on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

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1st Day of School Selfie & Outfit

Monday, August 18, 2014


Sometimes you stay up 'till midnight having a Lord of the Rings movie marathon because why not? Also you snack on Mt. Dew and Sour Gummy Worms, obviously.