Saturday, December 14, 2013

On Love

There are many different kinds of love. There is also a difference in loving someone and being in love with someone. There will be many people throughout your life that will come and go, some to love, some to be in love with. You will learn and grow from each and every one one of these experiences with these people. Or things, actually. People can love pets, books, places, and more. Every experience in this life is an opportunity to grow as a human. Take those opportunities. The more you do, the more you grow; the more open-minded you become. The more you view life differently, which is necessary at times, when all there seems to be is darkness. People and things will let you down, but those are learning opportunities as well. Sometimes they involve more learning and growth than a wonderful person that stays in your life. You have experiences under your belt, to pull out in time of need; whether for yourself or someone that comes to you looking for help and advice. But, never let those experiences dull your shine. Never let those times when people or things let you down change who you are for the worse. Learn and grow and move on.
Never let your light go out. 

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Theodore said...

You always have such an awesome way with words. Thanks for being who you are!!